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Why The Aerogarden is So Popular With Growers - Consumer Complaints & Review

Why The Aerogarden is So Popular With Growers

Product Description

Every now and then, buildings are built every day for some purposes. Some people find many ways just to do their hobbies like planting plants like vegetables or what you called green plants on their backyard but for some reasons there are lots that are overpopulated and planting wouldn’t be a good idea because the plant will just die. The weather or the environment could be the reason why some plants die. There are some technologies that are improved and served as the key to this issue. Aerogarden is the latest method that can help you grow or cultivate some plants or fresh green plants indoors. Yes, indoors. You can put it in your kitchen and it doesn’t occupy a lot of space.

Aerogarden doesn’t choose seasons. You can enjoy green plants in your meals whenever you want to. With the use of Aerogarden, it is now easy to cultivate edible flowers, herbs, and other green plants like lettuce. It is very convenient and you can save more energy. You can put Aerogarden in the kitchen. It includes 2 daylight spectrum bulbs, guide for harvesting with matching recipes which is really helpful, preceded bio-domegrow pod, and nutrients. An instruction is given and should be followed for it to work properly. The plants you planted will grow immediately because its germination will occur within 24 hours. Plants will grow five times faster than planting it on the soil. It has a system that will monitor the growth of your plant and it will alert you if it’s time to water them or add some nutrients. You can see no dirt during the process and no need for natural light.

Product Features

  • It is color black.
  • Less mess
  • No dirt
  • Doesn’t require green thumb
  • It is suitable to all the plants you want to grow
  • Seed kits


With the Aerogarden, gardeners can grow plants for a year. No need for pesticides because weeds wouldn’t be a problem while you’re on a process of growing something on the Aerogarden classic 7-pod. Because of some health issues, people are more sensitive when it comes to the things that they would eat. They like the fresh ones. Fresh herbs and vegetables is now possible and you can enjoy eat without going to the supermarket just to buy some of it. It has technology that enables plants to grow without using some chemicals; it will guaranty you that within 28 days you can harvest the herbs or greens you planted. It is very easy to use and hassle-free. The product is very easy to assemble.


After using the product for so many times, the pump became noisy. Some seed pod packages were overpriced and do not grow well. Regarding with the issues with pumps, there is an available customer service for this and they are really a big hand in solving the problem. The pump can be replaced so that you can enjoy growing plants without the annoying noise that can make you bother. The design has problems with the pumps but it will solve immediately with the help of customer service. In some cases, packages are damaged during shipping but not all seed pod packages do not perform well. They are costly but the benefits you will get will be worth it and you will be satisfied on using this Aerogarden 7 pod.

 Customer Reviews and Scores

There are 187 customer reviews gave on the Aerogarden. 52% rated the product with 5 stars, 19% reviews for 4 stars, both 9% for 3 and 2 stars, and 12% reviews rated the product with 1 star. An average of 3.9 out of 5 stars of customer rated it. Many customers liked the product because it is very useful and very convenient. Others have problems with the pump but it was solved immediately and gave them the best result that satisfies them.


In the past few years, growing some herbs and other organic plants is a problem for some people because they have to wait for another season just to grow them. With the technology that the world has, everything is possible and everyone was happy when this Aerogarden classic 7-pod was created. Many people love to row some plants in the garden and it would require a lot of efforts to grow them and there would be numerous problems that they could encounter and one of the most terrible things that may happened to their plants is the presence of some bugs and weeds. In this Aerogarden classic, you will save much of your time and less efforts. Just by following the instructions, you can grow plants perfectly without any weeds growing on it or dirts that may scatter on the place where you put the Aerogarden. It is very helpful and your money will worth it!

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