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Flora Hydroponics Custom Grow Bloom Room Design 11 X 14 from Flora Hydroponics at the Hydropronics Systems - Consumer Compliants and Reviews

Flora Hydroponics Custom Grow Bloom Room Design 11 X 14 by Flora Hydroponics

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Introducing: Flora Hydroponics Custom Grow Bloom Room Design 11 X 14 by Flora Hydroponics

Hydropronics Systems - Consumer Compliants and Reviews are proud to present the famous Flora Hydroponics Custom Grow Bloom Room Design 11 X 14.

With so many available today, it is wise to have a name you can recognise. The Flora Hydroponics Custom Grow Bloom Room Design 11 X 14 is certainly that and will be a perfect purchase.

For this price, the Flora Hydroponics Custom Grow Bloom Room Design 11 X 14 is widely respected and is always a popular choice for lots of people. Flora Hydroponics have included some nice touches and this equals great value for money.

Manufacturer Description

We've brought all of our best products together to create the highest quality grow rooms available on the market. Optimized for specific spacing, these grow rooms still allow flexibility for personal customization. These custom grow and bloom rooms come complete with our best lighting, ventilation, hydroponic systems, and digital environmental controllers. Lighting: For the grow room there's 3 KIND K3 Series L600 LED lights, and a 4' x 8 bulb T5, which will give you a more comprehensive spectrum while decreasing power consumption and lowering temperatures. For the bloom room we've given you 4 Solistek 1000/600/400W Digital ballasts with 1000W 4K Daylight and 10K Finisher bulbs for better crop quality without sacrificing yield. Get the deepest and most focused lighting with Hydrofarm's new Vertical Radiant 8" reflector. Systems: For the grow room we've given you all you need to sprout, clone, and propagate your plants in preparation for bloom. Under the 2 KIND L600's is a Botanicare white 3'x6' ebb&flow table, 70 gallon reservoir with lid, and 250 gph submersible pump. Use the other KIND L600 to light the two General Hydroponics WaterFarm units that can hold your mother plants used for cloning. Clone with 2 45 site Botanicare white aeroponic cloners under your T5. In the bloom room we have added 4 3'x3' Botanicare white flood trays, stands, 40 gallon reservoirs with covers, and 160 gph submersible pumps. All fittings, tubing, and pumps included. Environmental Controls: Fully automated controls by Hydrofarm's Autopilot Master Greenhouse Controller and Master Digital Controller. Control temperature, humidity, CO2, and pumps. Ventilation controlled with 2 DuraBreeze Inline Pro 8" 667cfm fans for cooling the 4 1000W lights. A 6" DuraBreeze Inline Pro 6" 390cfm fan and carbon filter for air purification. Three 16" DuraBreeze wall mounted fans. 1 20lb CO2 tank provided. One 12,000BTU split AC unit to keep things cool.

Product Features

  • Complete bloom room for serious growers
  • Only the best components used
  • Increase production, yeild and efficiency with this set up
  • Contact us to customize or change components
  • Another great item from Flora Hydroponics!

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