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Hydrofarm JSV4 - Consumer Complaints & Review

Hydrofarm JSV4

Product Description

The Hydrofarm JSV4 is all you need if you want to grow whatever kinds of plant you wish. You can be sure that such equipment can give your favourite plant an environment similar if you plant it in a natural environment. But aside from giving your plants a naturalistic environment, it can also add style to your house considering that it is of stylish appearance. With the use of Hydrofarm JSV4, there is nothing that you should be worried about in growing your plants even inside your house.

The Hydrofarm JSV4 is the thing that you need if there is nowhere you can grow your plants. It is capable of the said thing as it offers an environment similar to the outside environment that is conducive in growing your green. It has a light system that acts like the sun on your garden. The Hydrofarm JSV4 also allows you to do some activities with your plants such as cutting in order for them to propagate. Also, you do not have to be worried about anything in case your plants grow taller than what you expect. This is because of the feather-touch height adjustment mechanism that enables you to easily raise or lower the fixture. Also, you do not have to be worried about the electricity that you can consume because of this device as the Hydrofarm JSV4 is guaranteed to be energy efficient. This is because of the premium quality UL/CSA-listed fluorescent lamp that is installed in this device. The said fluorescent lamp also comes with wider reflector that provides wider light coverage. Aside from the fluorescent lamp with wider coverage, the Hydrofarm JSV4 has a TS high output grow light fixture that acts as the sunlight that enables your plant to grow as if it is planted in a natural garden. This lighting system also allows you to grow seeds, buds, and even flowering plants through the use of Hydrofarm JSV4. To fully maximize the space in your house, the Hydrofarm JSV4 comes with a 6 feet grounded electric cord with on and off switch.

Product Features

  • It has a lighting system that can support seedlings, growing indoor flowers and houseplants
  • The Hydrofarm JSV4 has a feather-touch height-adjustment mechanism that can adjust its height
  • Has a premium-quality fluorescent fixture with reflector that can maximize coverage
  • Has a high output grow light fixture for extended illumination
  • 1-year full warranty
  • Measures 50 x 18 ½ x 30 inches
  • Weighs approximately 11 pounds


Having the Hydrofarm JSV4 is a good decision for any plant lover. With Hydrofarm JSV4, you do not have to be worried about growing your chosen plant as it comes with a system that can support plant growth. You do not have to bring your plants out into your garden as it has light fixtures that can replace the sun’s rays needed by your plants in order to undertake photosynthesis. But the most important thing about having the Hydrofarm JSV4 is that it can be a good addition in your house, as it can provide oxygen as well as good ventilation inside your house.


The only downturn of the Hydrofarm JSV4 is that it tends to use much electricity in order to support the growth of your plants. It can also illuminate your hour house even in midnight where you may be used to sleep in complete darkness and therefore can be a disturbance on your part. This equipment my also tend to overheat if used for a very long period of time. These cons are just minor issues. As you can see, the pros still far outweigh the cons.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Hydrofarm JSV4 was reviewed by 104 individuals and got a rating of 5 stars from 47 reviewers. This equipment also received a score of 4 stars from 44 individuals and 3 stars from 13 individuals. This is a strong implication that many were satisfied after using this item.


There can be no problem if you love plants and you want to grow some right inside your house. This is because it can be made possible by having the Hydrofarm JSV4 that allows your plant to grow health even if it receives no sunlight. Not only that, having the Hydrofarm JSV4 is a good decision if you want to add style to your domicile as it can bring extra lighting to your place. It is also the thing that you need if you want to grow flowering plants inside your house. Hydrofarm JSV4 is easy to assemble especially with the assembly and operating manual that comes with it. Moreover, you can easily have the Hydrofarm JSV4, as it is available in different websites.  So what are you waiting, order your own Hydrofarm JSV4 now and experience its benefits.

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