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Get Hydroponic Grow Box Complete System at Hydropronics Systems Reviews

Hydroponic Grow Box Complete System

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Introducing: Hydroponic Grow Box Complete System

We are reluctantly presenting the fantastic Hydroponic Grow Box Complete System at a slashed price. Don't lose out - purchase the Hydroponic Grow Box Complete System online today!

Manufacturer Description

EVERYTHING THAT IS NEED IS INSIDE THIS BOX CABINET HEIGHT 36", LENGTH 25" , WIDTH 18 ".BOX IS INSULATED WITH COMMERCIAL GRADE REFLECTIVE MATERIAL TO INCREASE MORE LIGHTING WHICH YOUR PLANT NEED LOTS OF. VERY LIGHT BOX BUT MADE WITH DURABLE PLASTIC, EASY TO MOVE AROUND IF NECESSARY. WE INSTALLED A WALL MOUNT INTAKE FAN WITH LOW AND HIGH PRESSURE. GIVING THAT COOL BREEZE WHICH IS ALSO IMPORTANT, PLANT NEED LOTS OF FRESH AIR. I ALSO INSTALLED A 80 MM EXHAUST FAN TO EXTRACT THE HOT AIR OUT. INSTALLED WALL MOUNTED AQUA PUMP CONTROLLER EASY TO ADJUST PRESSURE. INSTALLED FOUR 100 WATT CFL LIGHTS EQUALS 8000 LUMEN, 3X 27OOK, 1 6500K SPECTRUM, HOUSED BY METAL ALUMINUM REFLECTOR. LIGHT TIMER IS ALSO INCLUDED, EASY TO ADJUST TO HEIGHT PREFERENCE, RECOMMENDED LIGHTS STAY 2 INCHES ABOVE PLANTS. WHY BUY FROM US ? We carefully built our grow box on a low budget but cost efficient so that way you do not have to spend loads money. But you will still get a good quality made hydroponic grow box. Our lighting unit is what stands out from our competition, most of them use CFL's or Led Lights. When usin CFL lights you need at at least 1500 to 2000 lumens (1X 100 watt CFL bulb) per plant. They need to be 2 inches above the Plant or else you will have a long stem plant and thats no good. Other grow boxes light fixtures are not adjustable, unlike ours you can adjust it to whatever height you want. Three factors, plants need lots of "LIGHT", oxygen and nutrients. With our grow box we guarantee you will have a suCcessful grow. WHY SPEND $1000.00 OR MORE Satisfaction Guarantee 1 YEAR FULL WARRANTY !! NOTICE: REASSEMBLING IS REQUIRED EASY STEP BY STEP MANUAL IS PROVIDED WHAT IS INCLUDED: GROW BOX UNIT, RESERVOIR TANK W/AIR PUMP,AIR STONE, 6 GROW CUPS, HYDROTON, 6 ROCKWOOL, LIGHT TIMER, ODOR ELIMINATOR, POWER STRIP, GROW MANUAL,

Product Features

  • 400 watt CFL grow light reflector, Adjustable.
  • 80mm wall mounted exhaust and intake fan
  • Aqua Air Pump w/stone
  • 15 qt Covered reservior tank
  • Durable Plastic Grow Cabinet h 36" L 22" D 19"