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Hydroponics Led Starter Kit

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Introducing: Hydroponics Led Starter Kit

We are currently offering the sought after Hydroponics Led Starter Kit at a great price. Don't pass it by - buy the Hydroponics Led Starter Kit online today!

Manufacturer Description

The future of home farming is going to be in the LED wheelhouse for sure. LED's are more compact and more powerful than ever. The key to the LED spectrum is to focus on the RED and BLUE light spectrums and our LED starter kit does just that. We have a 4 panel array consisting of 3 watt per diode LED panels that are factory calibrated to provide the correct nanometer for each color. The importance of this fact, is that the color spectrum is critical to the efficiency of energy for your plants. Red and Blue spectrum will bring your plants through the veg and bloom stages, and the extra wattage will ensure you get the speed of growth and yield you seek. In addition, each one of our LED arrays has individually angled diodes. In other words, each 3 watt LED is angled slightly differently. This maximizes light diffusion to the entire plant, not just the tops. Again, LED light gives plants the color spectrum they need to grow, so LED grown plants will have less leaves. This is because the plant under LED light just does not need that much foliage to capture the light necessary to transmute energy to grow.

Product Features

  • plant grown with LED lights do not have to work as hard
  • LED lights provide the proper spectrum for your plants
  • Electric bill will be much lower
  • 50,000 hour expected life of the panel
  • Less heat generation no need to provide extra cooling to the room