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Stealth Hydroponics Dwc Basic Kit from Stealth Hydro - Hydropronics Systems Reviews

Stealth Hydroponics Dwc Basic Kit from Stealth Hydro

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Introducing: Stealth Hydroponics Dwc Basic Kit from Stealth Hydro

We are proud to offer the fantastic Stealth Hydroponics Dwc Basic Kit.

With so many available recently, it is wise to have a make you can trust. The Stealth Hydroponics Dwc Basic Kit is certainly that and will be a superb buy.

For this reduced price, the Stealth Hydroponics Dwc Basic Kit is highly respected and is always a popular choice with many people. Stealth Hydro have provided some great touches and this results in great value.

Manufacturer Description

Deep Water Culture Basic Hydroponic Kit - Ships for only $4.99

Product Features

  • Deep Water Culture systems are an excellent way to grow hydroponically while cutting your costs.
  • In a DWC system the roots lie in a constantly aerated nutrient solution. It is the perfect system for beginners to learn the art of hydroponics.
  • Provides a 4 gallon reservoir of nutrient solution. The tight lid houses four strong and flexible 4 in net pots.
  • A durable air pump feeds air to the nutrient solution via the huge 6 inch Air Stone, infusing the solution with tiny life giving bubbles.
  • Think we'd leave you hanging with all of this equipment? No way man, we're going to make it as easy as humanly possible to help you through this experience; after all we want you telling you friends how awesome our system works. In the PDF files on the CD-ROM we'll walk you through each growth phase; how and when to apply the nutrient packs. We'll let you in on some of our green thumb tricks and give you a head start with our years of experience.

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